Lower Cost of Ownership - Horse Vets save thousands with the NeoVet

Return on Investment is an important consideration when looking at capital equipment for use in Veterinary Medicine. The NeoVet shock wave system has a very high ROI. With the need for only two therapy heads, a clinic is saving $4,000 in initial purchase costs compared to competitive ESWT systems requiring 4 therapy heads.

The NeoVet has a lower cost of ownership over the life of the machine than competitive systems. With all ESWT systems, each probe has 50,000 pulses.  The NeoVet has a guaranteed refurbishment cost of $1,500 (USD), a significant savings of at least $450 per refurbishment over our competition. Over the lifespan of a NeoVet, estimated at 3-5 million shocks, you will save between $27,000 and $45,000!

Sample Return on Investment Calculations for NeoVet Shock Wave System

ROI - Cost Analysis Shock Wave Treatments NeoVet vs Propulse

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