The first extracorporeal shockwave device brought to the market was the VersaTron, almost 17 years ago. That machine was a fairly heavy device weighing in around 60 pounds with awkward short cables attaching the trodes to the device and a foot pedal for a trigger. The technology worked but in the field the foot pedal and short cables made for some pretty interesting scenarios to treat horses standing more than 13 hands tall.  Because of these challenges, our team sets about working with research engineers to produce a machine that would perform better for equine veterinarians in the field. The NeoVet shock wave system was born.

A more powerful device that is smaller and lighter, with longer cables (over 8ft), a trigger on the therapy head with a continuous firing mode.

More Power

Especially horses with sore backs and feet benefit from the increased peak power. The NeoVet shock wave equipment is more than twice as powerful as older electro-hydraulic focused devices, the most widely used equine shock wave machines in veterinary medicine.

More Penetration

The NeoVet 2.0 radically new orthopedic therapy head design creates a long beam that easily out performs its competition.  The beam is still a focused beam but has been widened so more cells are exposed to the energy with each pulse.  Larger areas treated around an injury lead to a better biological response from the body.


Weighing just 31 lbs, the NeoVet shock wave device is easy to carry and stow.  The new system only requires two probes and one cable further improving portability.

Cable Free Trigger

The trigger is now conveniently located on the therapy head, giving the operator more control and safety. Double click for a continuous firing mode.

Longer Cable

The therapy cable is 10′ for better reach. Treating backs on large horses, or simply maintaining a safe distance, is now so much easier.

Easy Upgrades

Thanks to modern technology and remote access capabilities the NeoVet can quickly and easily receive software upgrades in the field.

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