A horse’s sore back and feet especially benefit from the increased peak power of the NeoVet.  More power is required to overcome the signal attenuation inherent to the treatment of deeper lesions. The NeoVet Shock Wave machine is more than twice as powerful as older electro-hydraulic, focused devices, the most effective and widely used ESWT devices in veterinary medicine.

More Power – Understanding Performance Testing

The power of an ESWT device is still tested based on the standards back when lithotripsy was the primary use for these devices. Performance tests are conducted using a stone held in a small net in a water bath with the shock wave device’s therapy head mounted at set distances from the stone. The number of shocks it takes to break up a stone indicates how powerful the device is. The distance set between the therapy head and the stone shows not only the power in the device but the depth of penetration the device can manage.  See the videos of performance tests demonstrating the power of the NeoVet shockwave machine over the VersaTron.

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