NeoVet Shock Wave Innovation Record

Dr. Stabler is known for bringing technology that works to the equine veterinary market.  First bringing the Equitron and Versatron to the table, followed by the launch of one of the first Digital Radiography units on the market. He then returned to his roots in shock wave, developing the second generation of shock wave systems, the Vet Gold.

The NeoVet 2.0

Dr. Stabler’s most recent contribution to the horse veterinary industry is the NeoVet 2.0 Shock Wave System.  By maintaining all of the tried-and-true features of the past devices with the technology and features that equine veterinarians require in the field, the most powerful, portable ESWT shock wave system in the world was born. A radically new device made specifically for the equine veterinarian and the treatment of sports medicine issues in the equine athlete.

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