On-site training is provided with the purchase of a NeoVet Shock Wave Machine

Immediately after purchasing your NeoVet Shock Wave System a member of the NeoVet team will meet with you for an on-site installation and training session.  This session will familiarize you with the NeoVet system and educate you on ESWT treatment protocols for horses.

You’re in Good Hands

The CEO and founder of Nucleus Regenerative Therapies, is a Medical Doctor (MD) who has spent the last 20 years perfecting this technology. There is not another installer/trainer in the market who knows more about how shock waves work and how to properly use an ESWT device to gain the most biological benefit from each and every treatment.

Our Sales Manager’s drive to provide the best Sports Medicine treatment for the equine athlete has led her to gain extensive experience with the injured equine athlete and the many different treatment protocols including ESWT. She also has a firm understanding of the science behind the machines and provides a knowledgeable hands-on installation/training experience.

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