NeoVet – Shock Wave FAQs

  • Is the NeoVet a focused device?

    Yes, it is. The focal zones extend 21 x 64mm for the standard probe and 10 x 64mm for the power probe, thus providing large effective treatment areas.

  • Why only two probes?

    Penetration of sound is regulated primarily by increasing or decreasing the energy. Each of the NeoVet’s two probes have a distinct energy range: the standard probe from low to medium and the power probe from medium to high energy density – giving the user 12 distinct energy levels to choose from.

    Older technologies had a needle fine treatment area. In order to project the treatment area onto lesions of varying depths these systems required a number of different treatment heads or standoffs.

  • What is good about a large focal area?

    In musculo-skeletal applications, the desired effect is a biologic effect which is mediated by a cellular response to shock waves. It follows, that the more cells are targeted with each pulse the greater the biologic effect will be. Of course, there is a threshold below which there is no response. The best design therefore is to have the biggest possible treatment area while maintaining energy levels exceeding the biologic thresholds.  View a recently published study by the College of Veterinary Medicine at University of Georgia supporting this design.

  • Will the cost of refurbishment rise?

    No. The price for refurbishment is guaranteed for the lifetime of the device.

  • Can shock wave therapy be used in conjunction with other treatments?

    Yes, it can. In fact many practitioners commonly use it in conjunction with PRP and Stem Cell injections as well as mesotherapy. Call us for more information!

  • How do shock waves work?

    Each shock wave pulse causes a sudden pressure spike that travels throughout the tissue (see image). Cells react to sudden pressure changes with alarm, just like a person would to a thunderclap, and release distress signals which trigger the body’s healing response.  Shock wave therapy keeps the repair process going until the injury is completely healed.

    NeoVet How Shockwaves ESWT Work

    Essentially, ESWT physically stimulates a cell’s biologic response and healing mechanisms.  The specificity of the response to the physical stimulus is cell dependent and leads to several biologic responses including:

    • Reduction of inflammation and thus pain
    • Release of growth factors
    • Activation of stem cells, platelets, etc.
    • Increased blood flow
  • What are the clinical/biologic effects of shock wave therapy?

    Shock wave therapy has been shown to elicit a number of biologic responses. It is important to note that the specific response is cell dependent.

    Mechanism of action:

    • Increased blood supply through vasodilation and new vessel formation
    • Anti-inflammatory effects, e.g. downregulation of certain inflammatory mediators such as certain MMPs and ILs.
    • Activation and recruitment of autologous stem cells
    • Upregulation of a number of growth factors, e.g. VEGF, PDGF, TGF, BMP etc

    Clinical effects:

    • Increased blood supply
    • Improved soft tissue healing and regeneration
    • Better quality of final repair
    • Improved bone remodeling and fracture healing
    • Reactivation of repair process in chronic injuries
  • Where is the NeoVet serviced?

    No matter what the competition says, the NeoVet is serviced and repaired in our offices just outside Atlanta. Our lead technician has close to 20 years of experience servicing shock wave devices.

  • Is shock wave therapy covered by insurance?

    Yes, many insurance companies pay for shock wave treatment so long as the system is a focused, high powered device such as the neoVET. Radial devices on the other hand are not covered. A typical reimbursement rate is $1200 for a series of up to 3x treatments.

  • Is it safe?

    Most definitely. In fact, one of the hallmark features of shock wave therapy is that it is so safe. It has been used in veterinary medicine since 1999 and thousands and thousands of horses have received shock wave treatment without any serious side effects.

  • Why Shock Wave Therapy is the smartest choice?

    Shock wave therapy has become a staple in a majority of lameness practices with equine veterinarians across the US and Europe – because it works. Shock waves trigger the body’s biologic repair mechanism by simulating trauma without causing trauma; they are a strong call-to-action signal. Essentially, shock waves work by activating a horse’s natural healing response and can be applied safely and easily without the risk of any side effects.

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