NeoVet - Designed for Equine Veterinarians

The first extracorporeal shockwave device brought to the market was the VersaTron, almost 17 years 

NeoVet - The Only Therapy Head Specifically for Equine Sports Medicine

The new Orthopedic Therapy Head is still a focused beam but the beam has been widened so that more c

NeoVet - Chosen and Backed by Top Veterinarians

Some of the most well-known veterinarians and Equine Veterinary clinics in the United States have tr

NeoVet - More Power for Deeper Penetration

A horse's sore back and feet especially benefit from the increased peak power of the NeoVet.  More

Local, World-class Service

The NeoVet Shock Wave System has in-house service in Atlanta, GA. Our lead service technician has al

On-Site, Professional Training for NeoVet

Immediately after purchasing your NeoVet Shock Wave System a member of the NeoVet team will meet wit

NeoVet  - When Scientists and Engineers Work Together

Our team has been engaged in the veterinary industry for over 20 years, in fact we helped introduce

NeoVet - Portability is Essential

The NEO is half the size of the old VersaTron with dimensions of 13.75″ (w) x 7.25″ (h) x 14.5

NeoVet's Innovation Record - A Timeline

Dr. Stabler is known for bringing technology that works to the equine veterinary market.  First bri