NeoVet - Designed for Equine Veterinarians

The first extracorporeal shockwave device brought to the market was the VersaTron, almost 17 years 

NeoVet - The Only Therapy Head Specifically for Equine Sports Medicine

The new Orthopedic Therapy Head is still a focused beam but the beam has been widened so that more c

NeoVet - Chosen and Backed by Top Veterinarians

Some of the most well-known veterinarians and Equine Veterinary clinics in the United States have tr

NeoVet - More Power for Deeper Penetration

A horse's sore back and feet especially benefit from the increased peak power of the NeoVet.  More

Lower Cost of Ownership with the NeoVet

Return on Investment is an important consideration when looking at capital equipment for use in Vete

Local, World-class Service

The NeoVet Shock Wave System has in-house service in Atlanta, GA. Our lead service technician has al

On-Site, Professional Training for NeoVet

Immediately after purchasing your NeoVet Shock Wave System a member of the NeoVet team will meet wit

NeoVet  - When Scientists and Engineers Work Together

Our team has been engaged in the veterinary industry for over 20 years, in fact we helped introduce

NeoVet - Portability is Essential

The NEO is half the size of the old VersaTron with dimensions of 13.75″ (w) x 7.25″ (h) x 14.5

NeoVet's Innovation Record - A Timeline

Dr. Stabler is known for bringing technology that works to the equine veterinary market.  First bri