NeoVet Shock Wave System

NeoVet Machine Front with Standard Probe

NeoVet Shock Wave Therapy System

The NeoVet shock wave therapy system is a RADICALLY new development specifically for veterinary sports medicine.

Built on 20 years of equine veterinary industry experience, the NeoVet shock wave therapy device is specifically designed to treat equine injuries. Built in Switzerland by some of the same engineers that designed the old market leaders.

It is the first shock wave therapy machine designed specifically for equine veterinarians and not simply an adaptation of a human medical device. Those aspects of previous technologies which proved successful have been preserved. The new development focuses on improving clinical effectiveness, usability, portability and value.

More Energy Range

The NeoVet shock wave machine features 12 distinct energy levels, the most of any electro-hydraulic focused device, the most effective and widely used devices in veterinary medicine.

Orthopedic Treatment Head

The extra power of the NeoVet 2.0 enables the release of a longer and wider beam.  This new design improves penetration and biologic response.

Lower Cost of Ownership

The NeoVet shock wave machine has a guaranteed refurbishment cost of $1,500 (USD). Over the lifespan of a NeoVet shock wave machine, estimated at 3-5 million shocks, a veterinarian will save between $27,000 and $45,000!

Backed by Local Service

The NEO has an in-house service team located in Atlanta, GA. Our lead service technician has almost 20 years of experience working on ESWT devices.

More Power & Better Penetration

Horses with sore backs and feet especially benefit from the increased peak power. The NeoVet shock wave equipment is more than twice as powerful as older electro-hydraulic focused devices.


Weighing just 31 lbs, the NeoVet shock wave device is easy to carry and stow.

Cable Free Trigger

Trigger is now conveniently located on the therapy head, giving the operator more control and safety. Double click for continuous firing mode.

Longer Cable

Therapy cable is 10′ for better reach. Treating backs on large horses, or simply maintaining a safe distance, is now so much easier.

Easy Upgrades

Thanks to modern technology and remote access capabilities the NeoVet can quickly and easily receive software upgrades in the field.


13.75″ (w) x 7.25″ (h) x 14.5″ (l)


31 lbs without bag
Still the lightest system in the market!

Cable Length:


Local, World-class Service

The NEO has in-house service in Atlanta, GA. Our lead service technician has almost 20 years of experience working on ESWT devices.

The support after the sale has been tremendous. The company stands behind their product and has expeditiously handled any issues with the machine or probes in a timely manner. We have been very pleased with this purchase.”

Cliff Honnas, DVM, DACVS
Texas Equine Hospital

On-site Installation & Training

The CEO and founder of Nucleus Regenerative Therapies, is a Medical Doctor (MD) who has spent the last 20 years perfecting this technology. There is not another installer/trainer in the market who knows more about how shock waves work and how to properly use an ESWT device to gain the most biological benefit from each and every treatment.

Our Sales Manager’s drive to provide the best Sports Medicine treatment for the equine athlete has led her to gain extensive experience with the injured equine athlete and the many different treatment protocols including ESWT. She also has a firm understanding of the science behind the machines and provides a knowledgeable hands-on installation/training experience.

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